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Our management’s futuristic vision, determination and leadership has enabled them to set new benchmarks, ultimately resulting in a world-class education system. Taking our founders’ vision further, our team of young, dynamic, determined leaders continue to groom our community of students , through methodologies that are extraordinary blend of conventional and contemporary approaches.

Our Journey

Anmol Public College (APU) was founded in 2005 by Anmol Educational Association(R) and aims at holistic development of its students. A co – educational, College, having about 500 students in campus sets the highest standards of academic excellence, intellectual growth, sportsmanship and other good qualities to its students.

The College takes leadership seriously and its concern for character building is a point of distinction. The mission has never been narrow to prepare students for intellectual excellence, but rather to provide an experience which goes far beyond academic requirements addressing important personal aspects of growth and maturity.

APU believes that the teachers take part in students’ lives. APU teachers do what the best teachers do; they not only support the highest level of academic activity, but also they create a special form of life for the students. This relationship between students and teachers reaches beyond the classrooms and nurtures the spirit as it challenges the mind.

The College founders are highly educated, philanthropists and committed to serve society through education field

Two of the management members are taking care of all activities of the College including welfare of the students regularly on a 24X7 basis. Their presence in campus ensures all activities of the College be excellent at all times

Management members

C G Dinesh

D V Ravindra

B O Umesh

S S Raju

K E Byresh

K N C Gouda

B U Prakash

T P Kallesh

Shiv Tripathi



Umesh Tripathi

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