Anmol Science PU College (APU) is affiliated to Karnataka PU Board, Bengaluru. The PU Board examination has been generally recognized as a qualified test for admission to all Indian as well as foreign universities. Medium of Instruction is English. The subject offered by us are as follows:

 1.Languages: Anmol Science PU College offers the following combinations under the Science stream:

First Language English
Second Language Kannada/Hindi

 2.Elective Subjects: Anmol Science PU College offers the following courses under the Science stream:

PCMB Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology
PCMC Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science

 The faculty members are qualified and highly experienced to teach students for both Board and Competitive examinations (JEE, NEET and K-CET).


  • APU Conducts Weekly tests, Preparatory examinations, Mid-term examination & Grand Tests for Board and Competitive examinations. Continuous assessments help students to study the subjects regularly without much burden.
  • Regular assessment  helps teachers to know the learning gaps among children and to take necessary corrective measures.
  • Subject experts will also be invited to take classes for Competitive examinations during weekends as additional benefits to students.
  • Student counseling helps them to study without pressure and to enjoy their studies.
  • Guided study hours help students to clarify their doubts with lecturers in one to one doubt clearance sessions.

Anmol Integrated Programme

Conceptual Clarity

Thorough explanation of concepts to give total understanding

Develop fundamentals

Preparing the students on fundamentals through Special Sessions

Continous Assessments

Strategies to encounter the questions as per their individual understanding, within the stipulated time.

Quick, accurate problem solving skills

Various approaches of identifying the answers by quick/approximation methods

Latest course material

Complete, comprehensive and latest study material prepared by our strong team of Academicians.

Rigorous competitive coaching

Daily competitive coaching with weekly grand tests to habituate students to solve competitive exam questions.


  • Library maintains a supportive and nurturing environment in building a knowledge bank for students.
  • The library contains almost 7,000 books, CD – ROMS, audio and video cassettes, that cover a panoramic spectrum of subjects to satisfy the urge to learn and curiosity that is so natural to the child.
  • The library is constantly acquiring new titles to stay up –to – date with the latest in the world and also subscribes to various periodicals and journals.
  • An orientation program for new students is also organized to help them acquaint themselves with the  library system and services for the maximum utilization for the available resources.
  • The library has also introduced computerized facilities for both bookkeeping as well as for providing  information.
  • Book talks are organized to develop reading habits among students.
  • The Library provides opportunity to students to write articles/ Drawings in its monthly newsletter ‘Kids world’ and in its Annual magazine ‘Amulya’

Audio – Visual Materials


Total Books




News papers daily


Competitive exam material

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