Our Vision

To develop students to be successful in future by training to have confidence, compassion, commitment and to nurture them to contribute the best service to the society to make our world a better place.

Our Mission

To provide each student the freedom and the opportunity to think independently.
To provide a friendly, caring and supportive environment for joyful, creative and innovative learning.
To provide each student a range of learning programmes to discover his/her  passion and potential.
To provide each student an environment to imbibe human values & life skills.

Message from President

Children learn more from what they see than what they hear. The role models in the books rarely make a greater impact on the child than the one the child sees in action within his college and home. The future of our nation is in the hands of our children. Hence, the classrooms have to become the platforms to build the destiny of the nation. We at Anmol believe in providing these platforms to our students so that our children become leaders of the future.

Dinesh C G
President , AEA

Message from Principal

Our College is student-centered and is focused on holistic development. Our education model not only focuses on preparing the students for board and competitive exams but ensures that every student gets the required knowledge and training to achieve their dream career. We provide every student rigorous training and mental counseling so that they can tackle the exams with confidence and without any burden or pressure. 

Subramani L
Principal, APU


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Latest News

  • Admissions open for Class 1 – 10 [CBSE] and PUC I & II [PCMB & PCMC] for the academic year 2023-2024. Click here  for admission queries.
  • Anmol Public School has been awarded as the best “Suvarna Krushi Shaale” among all private schools in Karnataka for excellence in eco-friendly agricultural practices.
  • Anmol Public School and PU College are now on Instagram. Click here  to follow.
  • Annual Examination PUC – I  is scheduled from February 20, 2023 to March 6, 2023
  • Preparatory Examination – 04  PUC – II  is scheduled from February 08, 2023 to   March 5, 2023
  • Holidays for PUC – I (PCMB) begins from March 2, 2023 to March 06, 2023
  • Holidays for PUC – I (PCMC) begins from March 01, 2023 to March 05, 2023    
  • Annual Examination PUC – II is scheduled from March 09, 2023 to March 23, 2023
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